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Adwords survival advice: Why you must track and test

I have a friend who was seriously considering opening a bakery a year or so ago. I have a second friend who owns a successful restaurant and bakery. When I mentioned the first friends' plans to the second, she asked, "Does your friend have any experience running a bakery?" To which I answered, "Not that I know of..." She then asked, "Has he ever run a successful business of any kind?" I had to answer, "I'm not sure..."

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Adwords Tip #1: Keywords

Here's the tip on keywords: You don't have enough of them.

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New blog

This is my new blog. I intend to write some interesting stuff here, but if this is the only post you see, I haven't quite gotten there yet. I hope you'll come back and look again.

If this isn't the only post you see, there must be something more interesting on here to read; why are you still reading this?